Conscious Connected Breath

Conscious Connected Breath

This simple, gentle yet powerful breathing technique, was brought over to the United States from India in the early 1970s. It is designed to clear energy from the body, bringing into awareness not only our unconsciously held patterns, beliefs, and judgements, but also the relationship we have with our body, ourselves, and our world. On a daily basis it can help to release stress, anxiety, and fear. By clearing this energy we can live and operate from our heart space, our intuition, and our own spiritual connection. When we consciously breathe with this awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues within ourselves. This frees up energy, bringing greater aliveness and joy and allowing us to move towards fulfillment of our true purpose as human beings.

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I first heard about Lisa Baker and Clear Conscious Breathing from a friend who had been working with Lisa for a while. My friend praised Lisa for her assistance and guidance that resulted in optimistic changes. I tried the group sessions—a good introduction. I then began private sessions with Lisa that at first was sporadic. I quickly realized the positive benefits and committed myself to two sessions a month. Then things really started to take off. I have been working with Lisa for almost 18 months. Lisa demonstrates experience, well-versed confidence, and knowledge of her craft.  She lovingly supports your quest to expand and improve your life, your health, and your soul.
-Robin Peterson, Retired School Teacher

I was first made aware of Lisa and her breathing release techniques from one of her other satisfied clients. If asked to explain my understanding of the process from my experience it would be this- “We are all capable of retaining energy within us, rooted anywhere between our recent and distant past. Much of our lives can be lived around this substance, it’s subliminal existence affecting much of what we think and feel, many times without our direct awareness. This potentially negative energy usually doesn’t serve us anymore in a positive way and has the ability to weigh us down. Lisa teaches and assists rhythmic, deep breathing, pulling the conscience away from the mind and into the heart, allowing the purging of this negative energy. Simply put, I could actually feel it leaving my body, creating space for new, positive energy to take up residence. During all of my sessions this effect has been immediate. Unlike the mild or not too dramatic effects I’ve received from different forms of meditation, physical and mental exercises, the result from this form of therapy was instantaneous when I first tried it. Lisa was with me every step of the way, literally guiding me through this unique process. It felt to me as if she was giving my soul a hug, quietly reassuring me so I was able to let go of unneeded thoughts and feelings I didn’t even know I was holding on to. I could actually feel negativity leaving my body. After many of these sessions, I understandably felt completely spent and Lisa was very protective of me until I was comfortable enough to leave. As I drove away, the very real, noticeable feeling of extreme lightness was present within me, a true difference in myself. People that know me well said I looked serene and relaxed like never before. These sessions occurred during a very difficult time in my life when nothing I tried would help. To me, this was miraculous. Lisa’s kind, intuitive personality is a large part of how this works. Her knowledge and professional attitude are only equal to how much she genuinely cares. I believe it’s the right combination to accompany her technique and allow any willing person the opportunity to let go of the known and unknown anchors within them. I would recommend Lisa and her treatment to anyone.”
-Gary Sheridan, Retired Mechanical Piping Contractor

Breath work with Lisa has truly been a profound and transforming experience for me. It’s a little hard to explain the space I entered during those sessions. I would say it was like looking into the night sky where it goes on and on forever. I always felt powerful sensations of chi energy flowing to a degree as though my body had sublimated into a billion particles of light pulling back the veil of intellect leaving nothing but consciousness. In some of the sessions, a flood of emotions overtook my awareness as I encountered past actions and inactions that hurt myself and others in relationships frozen in regret, disappointment, anger, sadness and shame. Eventually, a way forward through forgiveness was reveled and negative emotions were replaced by redemption, gratitude and love. At the conclusion of each session I had a remarkable feeling of peace and security found amidst energy and emotion. I honestly felt as though I had glimpsed an opening into my soul.
-Joseph Thompson, Retired Scientist

Breath work is been very powerful and spiritual for me. With each session, Im able to open the doors and deal with fears that I have deep inside of me. I am able to work on negative aspects of my life and turn them into positives.
Breath work is also giving me the opportunity to become a better person. Therefore making me a better father to my daughter and giving me the opportunity to come closer to my father. Before breath work I was not able to respect other people because I did not respect myself. But with breath work, I’ve been able to see myself with respect and love. I would like to share my experiences with anyone that is interested.
-Kevin C Moore, Truck driver

Through my experience with breath work, I was able to have intense spiritual, physical and emotional releases. These releases allowed me to expand my consciousness. I have improved all of my relationships, including a relationship with myself. Breath work is a tool that I am able to use in my everyday life, which has in turn affected the quality of my life. I have and will continue to recommend breath work to all I come in contact with.
-Carolyn Hughes, Student

I have suffered from moderate to severe depression most of my life, which also contributed to severe stomach problems. I had very little self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love. Lisa introduced me to the conscious connected breath in September of 1998. I was skeptical but figured it wouldnt hurt to try. Through breath work I have learned more about myself and who I am than I ever have before. I became conscious of who I am, found myself worth and my self-esteem and for the first time in my life I began truly loving myself. I no longer suffer from the depression that used to engulf my life, nor do I experience the stomach problems that I once did. I now know that Im a worthy person and deserve all that is out there for me to receive. I recommend the series of breath sessions with Lisa to everyone in order to receive all the wonderful gifts that are available to them.
-Vicki Reed, Medical records specialist

Breath work is one of the most powerful, life changing, and freeing experiences Ive ever enjoyed. Through breath work, Ive been able to uncover deep seated emotions that have controlled me throughout my life and have limited my growth and happiness. The emotions are manifested in certain behavioral patterns, and beliefs that I live my life by. Breath work allowed me to become more conscious of these characteristics and helped me to recognize whether I wanted to possess them or eliminate them.
-William Baker, Computer specialist

Connected breath work has been and is the most effective method for uncovering emotional blocks and sources of pain and frustration in my life. It is the most valuable tool in my quest for self-improvement. I heartily recommend breath works with Lisa.
-Peter Brandley, Real estate developer

Lisa possesses a rare combination of insight, intuition, intelligence, and caring. She ably assists individuals with personal exploration to open up to their passion and to focus on their aspirations with clarity and vision.
-David Porter; Designer

I started doing the conscious connected breath meditation over a year ago. It is a powerful tool for clearing years of negative thoughts and beliefs. It has been very helpful with me in connecting with my spiritual life as well as my spiritual guides. Lisa is very gifted at teaching it and does an amazing job of facilitating it. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Try it and see what a difference it will make in your life.
-Rocky Perkins, Bus Driver

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